Not Everything Fits in Storage. How to Protect What Needs to Be Kept Inside

My task seemed simple, but it wasn't. My family lives in wet Seattle, Washington, where a hole anywhere will penetrated by flowing spates of rain. That's why us dwellers in rain need all the help we can get when it comes to keeping our possessions dry. As for me, I have a truck, a go-cart, and a lawn mower sitting next to my house completely susceptible to bad weather. To guard them harm I use specially designed tarp jeep tj seat covers to stop water from damaging my things.

Keep You RVs Safe: Custom Covers

These tarps do a fantastic job at keeping moisture out, and they are more affordable than building an overhang. Too bad all those toys can't fit below my patio enclosure. You'll even receive built-in fasteners to guarantee maximum durability.

The downpours will continue but now I own some inexpensive protection.