The Only Sandwich You'll Need

We hope you are ready to eat! Because we love food, and we especially love making something delicious for you. When it's time to eat and you're looking for a great, family-friendly dinner place, you'll be happy you chose us. We have really become one of the community's best establishments to grab a outstanding meal made with care.

When you want a meal with satisfying flavors and quality ingredients, you can always count on us. We're recognized for our craft sandwiches but our menu also includes salads and other tasty bites. As a family-friendly place to eat, we even have a separate kids menu that is just as delicious. We've designed an assortment of flavorful bites that are sure to satisfy your appetite and gratify your palate. No matter what you have an appetite for or if you have dietary restrictions, we offer something for everyone.

This is what sets us apart from other restaurants:

  • Delectable sandwiches, salads, and sides
  • Family-friendly restaurant environment
  • Nutritious and delicious, locally-sourced ingredients
  • Convenient location
  • Made to order meal options

We carry an outstanding selection of salads and gourmet sandwiches that will please everyone's palate. We start with fresh-baked bread and throw in a great selection of high-quality ingredients for our dinner items. You will be happy with every bite, no matter what you ordered. Whether you're craving a sandwich, salad, or both, you have a full menu of delicious items to choose from at our location.

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