Businesses On the Market Tales of Business Brokers

Nearly fifteen years ago I started a record shop in my city. I started it due to my my fascination for various musical genres. I owned so many LPs my only recourse was to start selling and trading them to share them with the public. Well, I did start a record shop. I had a great time managing it for a long time. However, after a few years passed I decided I could no longer do it. I listed my business on the market. The decision was hard but actually finding a buyer was even more hard.

I looked to hire an outside business broker/adviser to help me secure the best terms of sale possible. I wanted to refrain from selling to huge companies. I hoped the new management wouldn't change too much. Once I stumbled upon a handyman services franchise Denver CO I was glad they would try to respect my yearning.

However, I'm still a record collector so I still go into my old store to buy records. I'm constantly happy to see the new arrivals, but unluckily my record collection is expanding. Maybe I'll be able to keep it under control this time around.