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I got this customer service job almost a year. I like my job and my coworkers are great but last fall I had a sudden absence of ambition. I wasn't the only one with this attitude; everyone had a bad attitude. The company's boss been exposed to the lack of motivation because before long everyone had to attend a CEO networking group workshop.

At first I was skeptical. As someone raised in the as the same time as the Internet, coupled with childhood favorites like The Simpson's I address everything with an eye roll. So this is the lens through which I saw the actual workshop. After the actual workshop my opinion changed. During the seminar we were treated to intriguing, uplifting, and entertaining speakers. The activities were fun. And even the snacks were delicious. The important thing was I returned to the office with a renewed sense of direction, substantial leadership abilities, and a closer relationship with everyone in my company. This was just another reason why I shouldn't believe my pessimism.

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