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If you or someone in your family has a disability and can't work, the government provides SSDI and SSI assistance to supplement or subsidize income. While you must still be eligible to receive these benefits, mental and physical disabilities are admitted by the application. If you presume you have a valid disability claim, it is critical that you seek representation from an attorney who understands the entire application process as well as appeals from adverse determinations. We have highly qualified social security disability lawyers on staff ready to assist with your case. Listed are some, but not all, eligible conditions. These can be:

  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathy
  • Depression
  • Bipolar
  • PTSD
  • And more
    • If you're not certain of what might be eligible, give our office a call now.H2: SSDI v. SSI

      SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) and SSI (Supplementary Security Income) are the two main sources available for disabled parties who don't have the ability to work anymore. SSDI benefits are earned benefits that you, a spouse or disabled parent may be eligible for. The assistance available is based on total hours worked and the total earnings put towards social security over your career.

      On the other hand, SSI assistance is configured on fiscal need in contrast to work experience. Individuals who have the most success when applying for SSI are visually impaired, disabled or over the age of 65 with restricted or no income or assets. SSI is best for single applicants, as spouses or dependent children aren't qualified to obtain any aid.

      Approximately two thirds of applicants who put in for Social Security benefits are turned down the first time. Even if your benefits have been approved, they can still be cut off later. An attorney for disability claims will assist you in getting the required proof that demonstrates you need SSDI or SSI assistance. When you contact our offices, our social security lawyers can help you sort through the appeals process, evaluate your income and plan for application.

      H2: Call our attorneys

      today, we offer experienced disability claims representation, including SSDI and SSI claims. Minors may also be eligible for social security disability benefits. No matter what part of the appeals process you're in, the assistance of an experienced attorney who specializes in disability claims can give you a better opportunity of approval. Reach out to our attorneys now at for a free and confidential consultation.

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